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Lyric Video Creator Professional 5.2

Lyric Video Creator is software that can make video presentations with background music and scroll text or lyrics. It’s also suitable for making karaoke videos that are very popular online (for example on Youtube) or used by professionals for entertainment at parties and any event.

Lyric Video Creator Professional 5.2 Features

Quick export of an edited file.
After all the settings are settled, give it a test run and then use the “Save Project” button to create the file. You can either export it as AVI or as MP4.

Lyrics on video background
The best software to create video presentations or video karaoke songs
Add Text to custom backgrounds (images or videos) with background music!

Customized Background
Add a “video” background or a static image.

Background Music
Import your favorite songs or convert your MP3 to Video Karaoke.

Sliding Text
Sliding Text on one or more lines, and aligned as you want.

Synconize text with the music and create your “Lyric Video”.

Download Lyric Video Creator Professional 5.2


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